Subscriptions and Pull & Holds


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No Fee: Pull & Hold Service:
We will pull titles as they come in, before they hit the shelf and hold the books for you behind the counter.  This a free service.  Talk to cashier to set up your Pull & Hold today. 
Subscription Service:
Same as Pull & Hold but when you have us hold 5 titles per month for you, you get extras.  These include free bag and board for each book on your list, extra discounts on Trade Paperbacks and Graphic Novels and free copy of Previews Magazine so you can see what is coming out 2 months ahead of time. This is a free service provided to you.  See a store employee to set up your Subscription today! 
A subscriber is someone who purchases a list of titles each month.  Give us a list of the titles that you definitely want each month and as they come in we will pull them from the stock for you.  If you have 5 or more titles each month you will receive a bonus. 
This bonus includes:
Each book will be bagged and boarded, and you will receive an issue of “Previews”each month (Previews is a sneak peek guide to all the latest and greatest Manga, Trades, Card Games,Toys and of course Comics, two months before most people get to see it).  
Plus, you receive 20% off all Manga novels, graphic Novels and Trade Paperbacks. 
Pull & Hold
We will pull titles for you as well, even if there are less than 5 titles. 
Please contact Hometown Comics for more details on these programs.