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Join us at Conventions

Upcoming Events 2018

HeroesCon June 15-17

Atlanta Comic Con July 13-15

Raleigh SuperCon July 27-29

Tampa Bay Comic Con August 3-5

Michigan comic Con August 17-19

Cincinnati Comic Expo September 14-16

Anime Weekend atlanta September 20-23

Baltimore comic con September 28-30

Amaicon Indianapolis October 12-14

Youmacon November 1-4

grand rapids comic con November 9-11

Louisville supercon Nov 30- dec 2

Best Prices around.
Booster Boxes $67.00 or Less
Boosters $3.97 or less

Our Shop is located at
 1506 North State street (SR9)
Greenfield Indiana 46140


Yu Gi Oh Weekly Tournaments
Sundays at 12:30
Yugioh Tournaments Every Sunday at 12:30pm $5 Entry.
With your entry, you will receive an exclusive Official Tournament Store (OTS) pack that contain Rare Cards only found here.

Yugioh World Championship OTS Celebration
August 5th

Yugioh free play every Wednesday at 5pm!
Check out our
auctions under

Magic is played every Friday!  Upcoming tournaments are:

June 15th            Pauper                     6:30pm
June 22nd          Modern                     6:30pm
July 6th               Modern                     6:30pm
July 13th             Draft                          6:30 pm
July 20th             Modern                      6:30pm
August 10th        Draft                           6:30pm
August 17th        Modern                     6:30pm
September 14th  Draft                         6:30pm
September 21st   Modern                     6:30pm


Special Tournaments:

Dominaria Store Championship Draft
June 23rd  1pm

Open House: (New players come and learn!)
Saturday, June 30th  1pm

Core 2019 PreRelease events:
Friday, July 6th at Midnight
Saturday, July 7th   at 1pm

Core 2019 League:
4 week league starting
July 21st

Standard Showdown  1pm
July 28th-September 8th

Now Available at Hometown Comics.....Ocarinas and Lessons!


Every Thursday at 6pm!

Sundays at 5pm

New Comics every Wednesday!
Come in to the shop to see all the new items each week.  Always something new to check out.  You never know what it is you can't leave the store without this week!

This month's Game Room Calendar


Saturday, July 21st
Noon & 2pm
Sunday, July 22nd
Noon & 2pm

Pokemon League Play
Every Saturday at noon
Free to play and you can earn prizes by playing.

PreRelease Saturday, July 21st and/or 29th at 4pm

Shop Challenge 
Saturday, January 27th


HeroClix played in the gameroom every Sunday at 1pm.

CosPlay Section!

Costumes, accessories, wigs, Makeup and more!

Costume Classes
Once a month we  have a class covering costuming. From makeup to sewing we will aid you in your cosplay experience!

Next Class:
 July 22nd 4pm
Effects Makeup class: Using Liquid Latex
Free Class
Sign up today at the counter

August 12th  4pm
Sewing 101
Learn basics of hand sewing and machine sewing
Free Class
Sign up starting at the end of July Class

September Class:
Working with Plastic Pellets
September 2nd  4pm
Learn the many uses of these pellets, from making teeth to other accessories for costumes!